KFC is Releasing a Pair of Crocs

In case you forgot that it’s Fashion Week, KFC and Crocs teamed up on a pair of finger-lickin’ footwear that will most definitely remind you. This week, the fried-chicken chain announced a partnership with Crocs that looks so realistic, the Colonel had to specify that they’re “not for human consumption.” Ha.

The brand unveiled two pairs — the KFC x Crocs Bucket Clog and the KFC x Crocs Classic Clog — both of which are styled with two Jibbitz that look and apparently smell just like the famous fried chicken. Unfortunately, the Bucket Clogs won’t be available for purchase, but the fabulous limited-edition Classic Clogs embellished with two deliciously scented Jibbitz will be available this Spring for $60. And if you’re really pumped, you can sign up for the freshest news about the collection on Crocs.com. [source]

Image result for KFC crocs

Image result for KFC releases a pair of crocs

Image result for KFC releases a pair of crocs


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