Man Buries Big Mac Meal and Eats it 14 Months Later

Matt Nadin, 40, from South Yorkshire, has always been proud of his ability to eat gone-off food without throwing up – but decided to push his ‘talent’ to the limit by doing the so-called ‘McDonald’s 365 challenge’ to celebrate his 40th birthday. The dad-of-three first bought the fast food meal – consisting of a Big Mac, fries and chocolate milkshake – just before he turned 39 in November 2018. He then dug a hole in his friend Andy Thompson’s backyard and buried the food in a Tupperware box.

The sales manager intended to dig it up in time for his 40th birthday in November 2019, but only found time to retrieve it recently – meaning it was 14 months old. He and Andy then took it back to the McDonald’s restaurant where they originally purchased it, before Matt chowed down on the nauseating feast. Disgusting footage posted to Matt and Andy’s YouTube channel Beeper Beef shows the prankster burping and gagging as he tries to swallow the meal. It took 20 minutes overall for him to consume it overall, with the chips covered in blue mould, the meat from the Big Mac ‘hard’ and the chocolate milkshake looking ‘like dirt’. However, Matt has insisted some of the food wasn’t as awful as he expected.
Image result for man eats big mac meal a year after


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