Would you Stay in this Hotel Shaped like an Anus?

Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away and couples everywhere are looking forward to getting away for the day and spending a lovely day together. And what better way to make it special, than spending this day of love in a rather quirkily designed hotel that is shaped in the form of an anus, or not!

Designed by Dutch artist Joep Van Lieshout, the CasAnus hotel is a gigantic polyester sculpture that is shaped in the form of a human colon. The hotel is very clean and well maintained. The hotel that is shaped like a human anus is very well furnished on the inside. It has a double bed, a kitchen table, plenty of windows, and not so surprisingly, a fully functioning plumbing system. This unusual but innovative and cool structure is located in the Verbeke Foundation Art Park close to Antwerp in Belgium.

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