Nude Cruise Steward Beats, Rapes and Throws Passenger Overboard

A Holland America cruise ship worker has been  arrested in Florida after admitting that he raped and beat an American passenger during a nude cruise, before trying to throw her overboard. Ketut Pujayasa, a room service attendant on the Nieuw Amsterdam, claimed he attacked the 31-year-old because she insulted him when he tried to deliver her breakfast on Valentine’s Day.

The 28-year-old, from Indonesia, told the FBI he used a master key to break into the passenger’s room at night time, and attacked her in her bed. The woman, who was on a Bare Necessities nudist cruise, was saved after a fellow passenger pounded on her guestroom door, allegedly scaring off Pujayasa who claims to have jumped to a lower balcony to escape. Pujayasa allegedly told police he decided to attack the woman, who has not been named, after she told him: ‘Wait a minute, son of a b****’ when he knocked on her door with her breakfast. Pujayasa stated that the passenger’s comment of “son of a bitch” was offensive to himself and his parents. He was angry and upset the rest of the day,’ FBI Special Agent David Nunez wrote in a report


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