The Black Cube of Saturn

One of most mysterious symbols in our culture today is the black cube, which is commonly referred to as the “black cube of Saturn”. There are monuments of the black cube all around the world (see image below) and even though there are hundreds of articles and posts on the black cube, no-one really appears to know what it represents or what it is. There are suggestions that the black cube is a reference to a synthetic reality that we inhabit and that it is a reference to an illusory reality that has been imposed on creatures of the physical plane of existence. One knowledge person on this subject describes the black cube as “the matrix that is used to bind spirit and consciousness”. The black cube is also often associated with a prison. No-one seems to know why the black cube is connected to Saturn, but in pop-culture Saturn is often associated with it and Saturn supposedly has a hexagon on its pole which is a 2-dimensional representation of a cube. The black Saturn cube is often shown balancing on its edge.

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