Man Tattooed his whole Body Turquoise

A former forklift operator has taken social media by storm after he decided to document his attempts to gradually tattoo his entire body blue.

Donnie Snider, 26, from Scarborough, Ontario, who admits he’s ‘living life in strange-mode’, was first introduced to the world of body art when his sister inked a part of his leg and foot in turquoise in 2017.

Despite a series of abortive early tattoo attempts, the ink on his leg soon ignited Donnie’s life’s work and the social media star, who lives in a ‘clapped-out transit bus’ and makes his living selling earrings, decided to use the hue to cover his body.

‘To be honest, I just like the look of it. I thought it would be neat. It’s definitely striking, and I think it’s a beautiful color.’

Donnie described previously 'isolating' himself for several years and lacking in confidence before he decided to embrace his love of tattoos

The Instagram user decided to stop hiding and redirect his life


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