Giant Poop in Florida

Make sure to watch your step while walking around South Florida later this month. Actually, be careful of your entire body.

A giant 30-foot poop emoji will be stinking up the Wynwood area next week as part of the #LetThat 💩 Go Tour” sponsored by Poo-Pourri.

The toilet spray company’s massive inflatable dump offers a “transformative, immersive 360-degree experience that pushes out that bad 💩, makes room for the good 💩 and leaves you feeling (good).”

The huge poop will be on display for everyone to enjoy Jan. 30 through Feb. 2 at the Wynwood Marketplace in Miami. Samples will be provided (of the spray, not human waste), and anyone who wishes to “experience” the 💩 must by 18 years or older.

Giant poop will soon be landing in Miami


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