Woman claims to be God, robs mail truck, fleas on Tricycle

A Florida woman claiming to be God robbed a mail truck, stealing a package before pedaling away on a tricycle, deputies said. Leida Crisostomo, 52, of Naples, was arrested Saturday by Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

While she was being arrested, Crisostomo starting yelling that she was God and said “voices were telling her to do things,” an arrest report said. A witness told deputies that a woman, later identified as Crisostomo, pointed a gun at her while she was jogging and then walked over to a U.S. Postal Service truck that was stopped nearby.

The mail carrier said Crisostomo pointed a gun at him, stole a package and fled on a tricycle. A deputy spotted Crisostomo riding on a sidewalk and took her into custody. After Crisostomo was arrested, deputies determined that the gun was plastic.

Florida woman robs postal worker, takes off on tricycle

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