Woman to “fly” 4700 miles with Swans

Sacha Dench, 41, is risking her life to travel the perilous 4,700 mile migration route of the Bewick Swan. That’s right – she could be gunned down, attacked by bears and wolves, or could fall to her death. But she’s taking her chances. Sacha is a (very, very dedicated) conservationist with the Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Gloucestershire, United Kindom. As part of her efforts to save the threatened Bewick swan, she has decided to strap herself to a paramotor – a sort of powered paraglider – to travel south from the Russian arctic towards warmer climes in Europe. She’ll be setting off from Russia on September 6, so is in the final preparation stages now.

Paramotor expert Sacha Dench who is preparing a 4500 mile journey to follow the path of migrating Bewick Swans. See SWNS story SWSWANS: A British woman will fly 4,500 miles using a parachute wing strapped to a small propeller engine – in the first ever attempt to follow migrating endangered SWANS. Sacha Dench will follow the birds in her paramotor as winter drives them off their breeding grounds from the Russian Arctic to Britain. The expedition will uncover new information about Bewick’s swans, whose numbers have halved in the last twenty years. Sacha, who works for the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) at Slimbridge., Glos., will film and make live broadcasts along the way.

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