Today is National Tequila Day, so sit back with a glass and enjoy! While tequila is known as a Mexican spirit, Americans consume twice as much of the spirit as Mexicans with an astounding 45 million tequila drinkers.

The history of the liquor today known as Tequila began with The Aztec’s, the Chichimecan’s and the Otomies, who drank beverages made from the Agave plant. As we all know, the Agave plant is the foundation of each drop of tequila. The European influence on tequila came via the Spanish who arrived in the village of Tequila in a region of Techinchan, which is now the Jalisco state of Mexico. The Village of Tequila also sat at the foot of a Volcano name Tequila. A volcano of tequila? That would be heaven on earth.


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