‘Huge Plane Crashes Into Bridge’ Facebook Scam

A viral Facebook post purporting to have a video of an accident saying “Huge Plane Crashes Into Bridge!” is a survey scam. There’s no video of a massive plane hitting a bridge. The photo on the hoax shows a plane smashing the bridge–complete with fire and smoke. It also shows a person falling off the bridge.


The photo appears to have been created by a digital artist, but it appears the man falling off the bridge was inserted into the image later. There’s also several YouTube videos uploaded with the same “Huge Plane Crashes Into Bridge” headline. One shows a fake video that appears heavily edited to show a plane crash, dated in 2012. Another simply shows the same image used in the Facebook posting and offers no context, except for misspelling the word “bridge” as “bride.”

When one clicks on the Facebook post, it redirects the user to a fake Facebook page that asks users to share or “like” the video before viewing it. This ensures that the scam is spread far and wide. After the video is shared, the user is then asked to fill out a fake survey. It asks for personal information, like one’s mobile phone, address, and e-mail. It’s recommended not to input this information as it can lead to spamming. When people fill out the information, the creators of the scam then make money.

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