What the World Calls Boobs

Fun and fascinating world maps have revealed the astonishing variety of nicknames that people have around the world for breasts.

The maps were generated using Reddit posts in each country that referenced slang for ‘boobs’ and ‘breasts’, along with the results of a survey of 2,000 Britons. A world map was then redrawn, with country names supplemented by the slang word its residents use most for boobs.

A number of countries take inspiration from animal names.

Bosoms are ‘goats’ in the Czech Republic, ‘pugs’ in Germany and ‘puppies’ in Latvia.

More unusual objects used to describe breasts were found to be ‘stones’ in Denmark, ‘dice’ in Azerbaijan, ‘bowls’ in Italy and ‘pots’ in Austria.

Americans, meanwhile, often use the word ‘rack’ and Canadians the word ‘honkers’.

In Australia, the term ‘headlights’ can be heard frequently, and in next-door New Zealand they use the word ‘funbags’.

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