Ozzy Osbourne Looking Very Frail

Ozzy Osbourne has been spotted looking frail as he took a walk without a cane through leafy Los Angeles amid his battle with Parkinson’s disease. 

The 74-year-old walked alongside his carer who picked up flowers during their daytime stroll around the neighbourhood, and she was making sure the rocker was well.

Metalhead Ozzy took a sniff of the white and pink flowers clustered together by his carer and appeared to be in good spirits as he padded his way down the sidewalk.

Normally having his cane in tow to help him, Ozzy looked weaker as he walked with a tilt and looked unbalanced.

Ozzy and his wife Sharon, 70, have lived in the Beverly Hills area for the past 25 years, though they said were planning on moving back to the UK in early 2023.


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