Massive Hot Dog Fight in Philadelphia Stadium

Philadelphia Phillies fans lived up to their rowdy reputation on $1 hot dog night by igniting at massive food fight at Citizens Bank Park.

The fracas took place during Tuesday’s 8-4 loss to the visiting Miami Marlins – a game that began innocently enough.

Encouraged by the fan-friendly prices, Philadelphians stood in egregiously long concession lines for their chance to buy a $1 hot dog. But instead of sustenance, the hot dogs instead served as ammunition for spectators in Philadelphia.

Those seated in the upper deck were naturally in the best position for the friendly fire between Phillies fans. Some seated in the lower bowl attempted to return fire, but often failed to reach the upper deck. In all, fans bought more than 58,000 hot dogs on Tuesday at Citizens Bank Park, although exactly how many were consumed remains a mystery.


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