People are Flocking to Republican run Cities, Sates. Dem states in Chaos.

Last year the counties that are home to LA, Chicago and New York City suffered the largest exodus of people in the country – while tens of thousands flocked to Arizona, Texas and Florida.Los Angeles County, which is still the most populous in the US, saw an average of 143,000 people leave between July 2021 and July 2022, according to the latest US Census data.It was followed by Cook County, home to Chicago, which lost around 94,000 people to other parts of the country. Three of New York City’s counties – Kings, Queens and the Bronx – were all among the top five counties facing a mass migration. 

On the other hand, Maricopa County in Arizona, home to Phoenix, had the largest influx of domestic migrants, around 33,000. It was followed closely by Collin County in Texas, and Polk County in Florida, which sits between Orlando and Tampa. The five counties which lost the most residents are all located in high-tax states, namely California, Illinois and New York.  By contrast, counties experiencing the largest influx of people were in Arizona, Texas and Florida, where taxes are significantly lower.

California has been hit worst by homelessness, and LA is at the center of that crisis. About a third of the entire US homeless population – 171,521 people – is in California and LA hosts around 65,000.


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