Nightmare on Cruise, Woman falls to her Death, Lands on Person Below

A Caribbean cruise was thrown into chaos on Sunday after a female passenger fell from her balcony to her death – and landed on another person below. The unnamed woman, who some on board said fell at least 10 stories, went over the barrier shortly after the Virgin Voyages ship, Valiant Lady, left Miami at 6pm on Sunday night. The passenger she landed on was not seriously hurt.

‘Yesterday evening shortly after departure there was a medical emergency involving one of our passengers,’ a Virgin spokesman said. ‘This passenger went over their balcony onto a lower deck, and despite receiving immediate medical attention, has passed away. ‘We are deeply saddened by this loss of life and our hearts and thoughts are with this person’s loved ones.’

The ship was sailing for Roatan, an island in Honduras, and was expected to arrive on Tuesday. Instead, the ship returned to Miami, docking once more at around 2am on Monday. The woman’s body was taken away by an ambulance, and the ship resumed sailing. ‘I just started my FIRST cruise with Virgin Voyages… and someone fell from their balcony and died,’ tweeted Mel Murray.

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