Starbucks Olive Oil Coffee

Starbucks is always inventing it’s brand with new trends and new flavors. Now, Starbucks has introduced a drink featuring a flavor that’s been on the rise elsewhere, auguring our culinary future. Say hello to olive oil coffee.

In February, Starbucks introduced its “Oleato” line of drinks, each infused with a spoonful of Partanna extra-virgin olive oil, to its stores in Italy. Starbucks refers to the drinks as a “revolutionary new coffee ritual,” with olive oil being steamed, shaken, or blended into both the Oleato drinks and, in some markets, into any drink customers want. The Oleato line is currently only available in Italy, but it will be rolling out to stores in the U.S. on Thursday, March 23, and Japan and the UK later this year.

A lot of people are being inspired by olive oil these days. It has become the it condiment, with small brands promising quality, extra-virgin olive oil from Spain or Italy or California, in design-forward packaging and ready to drizzle on everything.


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