Is Blockbuster making a Comeback?

Defunct video rental chain Blockbuster’s website has mysteriously reactivated in recent days, sparking wild speculation the company is plotting a comeback. ‘We are working on rewinding your movie,’ the website now reads, while the mobile version offers the similar message: ‘Be kind while we rewind.’

Although a single, privately owned Blockbuster store still operates in Bend, Oregon, the parent company went defunct a decade ago, after Dish Network bought its assets in bankruptcy and wound down operations.

Dish still owns Blockbuster LLC and the trademarks to the brand, and the Blockbuster website is registered at the address of Dish corporate headquarters in Englewood, Colorado. In November, Dish filed a new trademark application for the Blockbuster logo — though it appears to be in connection with the short-lived Netflix comedy series, called Blockbuster, about a fictional last surviving store.


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