Naked House Cleaners

A woman who works as a naked cleaner in the UK has revealed the weirdest parts of the job – including clients who are also naked. Lottie Rae, 32, took up the unusual role to make some extra money in 2017, and charges £50 an hour.

The British cleaner says in the six years she’s been working as a naked cleaner she’s had a range of clients – including some who just want company, naturists, and others who ‘hope for something more’. While most of her clients are friendly and don’t overstep the mark, she says some can push things too far.

‘I’ve cleaned for some younger guys who seem more sociable, they’re out and about and just have disposable income and want to try something different. ‘Another guy I’ve worked with [for the whole six years] is a nudist, so to him it’s right up his street. ‘He’s already naked when I get in, we have a coffee and I play with his dog and then get to work. ‘The clients will get naked as well – a few of them are quite nervous at first and keep their clothes on until they’re confident enough to take them off. ‘My friends and family know what I do, but I think they wonder why I do it. They think all these men are weird and creepy but in general they’re nice people.

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