White Wine gives you Rage

For years, women have complained about ‘white wine rage’. Some have even been described as suddenly turning into ‘monsters’ after a few glasses of white wine.

Scientists still don’t know for definite whether something lurking within the wine itself is to blame for the behavioural change. Over the years, some have pointed the finger at sulphites – used to preserve the wine – and the extra sugar content in white compared to red varieties.  Yet leading voices in the field dispute whether there is truly anything to either of those theories.  One thing they do agree on though, is that wine can be drunk quicker.   For example, a large glass of wine is 250ml – and some Chardonnays can contain around 13 per cent alcohol.

And the fact that white wine is stereotypically a ‘female drink’ is why women are worse hit.

But there could be some science behind why different wine has a potent effect on drinkers from making us want to sleep or continue to party. ‘Certain wines (like champagne and sparkling) make you feel the effects of alcohol much quicker because the CO2 in the bubbles helps the absorption of the alcohol. I would call that a wine that makes you more likely to party,’ says Joanne Koukis, founder of online wine shop Outpour. However, red wine could have the opposite effect and make you more tired, which experts say is due to the added melatonin. Ms Koukis said: ‘Italian scientists found out that certain red grapes have more melatonin in them which is one of the hormones that helps us sleep. Red wines tend (not always) to be higher in ABV (alcohol by volume).


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