These Food Candles Look so Real

Upon first glance, one could easily mistake these wax melts for actual edible food. Created by 29-year-old artist Kaylee Castleberry, Cravings4Candles began as a hobby before turning into a family business with a growing Instagram following.

The deliciously detailed wax melts are painstakingly made by experimenting with custom molds, and mixing various waxes together to recreate the realistic textures of desserts and savory foods. From an over-easy fried egg to a crab boil complete with corn on the cob and sprinkles of seasoning, the wax melts are artistically amazing and feature stunning realism. 

If you are looking a a fun gift, a whimsical foodie gift or just something fun for yourself. Take a look at Cravings4Candles.


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