Mystery as Toddler Dies from Fentanyl at an AirBnB

Horrified Lydie and Boris Lavenir discovered their baby daughter Enora would not wake up from her nap at an Airbnb during the family holiday in Miami.

The family, from the French island of Guadeloupe, are now looking for answers about how their baby ingested the killer drug. The little girl was playing in the kitchen of the rented lake house in Wellington, Florida before her parents put her down for a nap. When the mum went to wake up the baby, she found her blue-faced and foaming at the mouth. Lydie frantically screamed: “Enora’s dead,” as the family rushed to call 911 but it was too late.

An autopsy by the Palm Beach County medical examiner and an independent toxicology report later revealed that the baby’s death was due to ingesting a deadly amount of the drug fentanyl. Lydie and Boris -who had no idea of how dangerous the drug is-were initially considered suspects by the authorities. But they both tested negative for the drug and investigators could not find any trace of it at home. It remains a mystery how did the baby girl ingest the fentanyl and where it came from.

The family believes it was left behind by previous renters who admitted to throwing a drug-fuelled party a few weeks earlier. However, the former renters denied being in possession of any fentanyl leading investigators to test other theories. The baby’s death was eventually ruled as accidental as no culprit was found. A final report read: “I am currently unable to determine how the child Enora Lavenir ingested the fentanyl. “Therefore I am unable to develop probable cause for abuse or neglect leading to the death of Enora. Currently, the manner of death is listed as accidental.” 

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