Popular Baby Names 2023

So far this year, parents are going with some more whimsical names, according to baby name consultant Steph Coffield. She explained on her TikTok account (@nameswithsteph) what some of the top picks are for 2023 – and they might surprise you.

The up and coming baby names include gems like Artemis, Ash and Avani. Another popular name was Eyre, especially since Kylie Jenner named her son Aire and they’re both pronounced the same.

Miller is also a good pick for both boys and girls, and Odette, Otto and Ozzy are also set to be popular this year. Wednesday is going to be big for obvious reasons. Trending names include Callahan, Idalia, Miller, Truett and Ziggy.

More popular baby names include Blake, Brody, Kai, Rupert, Tobias and Nathan. This is a mixture of traditional and more unusual, modern names, so parents can be expected to look for more names along those lines.

For boys we expect to see names such as Jesse, Arlo and Albie – which have been hugely popular with parents in recent years – continue to climb the baby name charts. 


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