‘Survivor’ Season 44, Player Medically Evacuated

ou never want to see a player get medically evacuated from Survivor, but in a high-stakes game filled with dangerous elements and physical demands, sometimes it’s the nature of the beast. Unfortunately for Bruce Perreault, a nasty head injury during the season’s very first challenge had him removed from the game after searing pain sunk in and worried the show’s producers.

Season 44 of Survivor kicked off with an intense challenge. The four teams were asked to compete in an obstacle course that combined physical intensity with brain-teasing games. Early in the competition, Bruce, 46, was seen diving to the ground to slide under an obstacle. He appeared to catch his head on the structure, leaving him with a massive gash. The realtor stopped for a moment to feel his wound but tried to carry on. He made it pretty far into the muddy maze before the pain appeared to catch up to him. Host Jeff Probst said several times during the game: “Bruce you let me know if you need to stop.” The blood dripped down Bruce’s face as he tried to keep his head in the game.

The show’s host again checked on him, but the Survivor hopeful was adamant: “I’m good.” While the rest of the teams were working on puzzles one-by-one, a waiting Bruce fell to the ground. Jeff stopped the game, calling medics onto the scene. One asked Bruce how he was doing, to which he replied: “A little lightheaded.” Suddenly, his body went limp and his eyes closed. The medical staff assured him he was in good hands and got busy working on him. He was given oxygen and had his vitals checked. A bandage was also placed on his bleeding head.

One medic revealed that Bruce’s heart rate was slightly elevated but assured viewers it was “nothing too concerning.” Bruce was sat up as teammates and competitors looked on, clapping.

He was cleared to return to the game, with Jeff telling him: “I’m glad you’re back.”

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