TikTok Trend, Eat Oranges in the Shower

TikTok is convincing some people to eat oranges in the shower. Supporters of the trend claim it “eliminates any worry of making a mess,” and the shower’s humidity “exaggerates the taste and smell [of the orange].” Plus, the smell of citrus has been linked to stress relief.

The steam from the shower can apparently enhance the taste and aroma of the fruit, therefore making the eating experience more pleasurable. People also recommend not just eating the orange, but really digging into it like an animal feasting on flesh.

While shower water is relatively clean, there are some spores that can survive the chlorination process or remain on the surface of the shower head and pipes. These spores grow quickly on the surface of warm, nutrient rich material, such as food. “But between the five minutes it takes to peel an orange and to eat it under a shower, there would be little food safety risk,” Dr. Le confirms.


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