A Man Eats a Rotisserie Chicken Every Day for 40 Days

A man from Philadelphia named Alexander Tominsky, challenged himself to eat a rotisserie chicken a day for 30 days straight. Later, he ended up extending the attempt to 40 days. His 40 chickens in 40 days journey has been documented on social media since Oct. 8, his 11th day of the challenge, when he invited people to follow along his journey.

On November 6, Tominsky ate his 40th and final rotisserie chicken, and was celebrated among fans in Philadelphia. When The New York Times asked Tominsky why he took up such a challenge he apparently noted that he felt called to do something to make people smile, during a time when much of the world is in pain. “Sounds weird . . . but I just felt like I was doing this for a very important reason,” he said.

As you might expect, a daily diet of rotisserie chicken comes with some health side effects. When Tominksy first began, he was able to finish a whole chicken in 20 minutes. But as the challenge progressed, “he began feeling cramped up, bloated from all the sodium, and said that he came to believe that he could ‘feel the pulse of my heart in my stomach,'” the Times reported. His latest finish time? Two hours. Tominsky reportedly lost about 16 pounds across the 40-day challenge, as the rotisserie chicken was often his only meal of the day. (The Times and Tominsky did not say what size the chickens are. But the average rotisserie chicken is 2 pounds, or 32 ounces, per Betty Crocker.)

You can follow Tominksy on Twitter https://twitter.com/AlexiconTom


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