Razzie Awards 2022 (Worst in Movies)

The Golden Raspberry Awards awards returned on Saturday for another year, as they honoured the worst of the big pictures. The notorious show, dubbed the Razzie awards, celebrated it’s 42nd year taking place ahead of the Oscars, which are set to take place on Sunday.

The tongue-in-cheek show announced the winners in a video announcement, which saw LeBron James ‘win’ Worst Actor. The professional basketball player bagged the ‘award’ for his appearance in Space Jam: The Legacy, in which he played a fictional version of himself.

While it was a common theme in the show, the Space Jam remake wasn’t quite as popular as Diana the Musical scooping up five trophies. The Netflix aired production won Worst Picture, Actress, Supporting actress, Director and Screenplay during the ‘event’.

Stars such as Jared Leto were also gifted the badge of dishonour, as he took home Worst Supporting Actor for House Of Gucci, fighting off nominees such as Ben Affleck and Mel Gibson.  Jared starred alongside Lady Gaga and Al Pacino in the movie, trying an attempted Italian accent. 

Will Smith was awarded the show’s Reedemer award, for his performance in King Richard. The award is annually given to a past Razzie Award nominee or winner who becomes “a respected artist” and comes back from critical or commercial failure. 

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