Smart Glasses by Ray-Ban

A new pair of camera-equipped sunglasses has been release by Ray-Ban and Facebook. These sunglasses look like the classic Wayfarer Ray-Bans you’ve known since Tom Cruise slid into the living room in his tighty whities. Sleek polarized lenses, round frames, Ray-Ban logo and all. Except embedded in them is one teeny-tiny recording light, two 5-megapixel cameras, a three-microphone array, four gigabytes of storage and, oh, about a million concerns about the future of wearable technology.

These Ray-Bans just look normal. That’s what makes them so cool, but also makes them, well, spy glasses. Ray-Ban will sell them in 20 different style combinations, including with regular clear lenses. (It will offer a prescription version, too.) They’re powered by technology from Facebook. Executives from both Facebook and Ray-Ban parent Luxottica assured that privacy is built into the product. And there are some strong protections. They say these are intended for capturing spontaneous, fun moments. Kids! Roller coasters! Concerts! Sports!

The image quality isn’t as crisp or clear as what you’d get with the latest iPhone, but it’s certainly good enough for sharing to your Facebook or Instagram Stories. Images and videos are saved to the glasses. Then, when they are paired via Bluetooth with your iPhone or Android phone, you can sync the media in the Facebook View app, which requires you to sign in with your Facebook account. To share, there’s a third step: You have to export the photos and videos to the Facebook and Instagram apps—or really any social-media app.

See the source image
See the source image

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