Police Search – Woman Dumped Backpack with Bloody Human Remains

Chesterfield VA Police are searching woman who allegedly dumped a backpack with suspected human remains into a store dumpster on Monday. The Chesterfield Police Department said officers responded to the 11000 block of Hull Street Road at about 1:50 p.m. on Aug. 30, for a report that an unknown woman placed a backpack in a dumpster behind the store several hours earlier.

An employee at the store checked the backpack and saw there was blood on it before calling the police. Officers said they found what appear to be human remains in the backpack. Surveillance video captured images of this woman who reportedly left the bag in the dumpster:

Anyone with information can contact 804-748-1251 immediately. Police believe this woman or someone else may be in need of medical attention related to this incident.

UPDATE: Police have identified the woman but did not release the name of the woman, and said the investigation is ongoing.

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