Don’t Pee towards Russia

A new sign is set up at one of the most frequently visited spots where visitors use to stop to take selfies. A Russian border pole is clearly visible on the opposite side of the creek.

The “No peeing towards Russia” sign on the road towards Grense Jakobselv is considered a preventive message. The borderline runs in the middle of the creek and at low water, the distance from the riverbank is only a few meters.

Norway’s dedicated law about the border with its eastern neighbor in the north is from 1950 and stipulates what citizens can do – and not do – in the near border areas. In §3, the law reads that no «offensive behavior along the border aimed at the neighboring state, or its authorities, are allowed.» Violations of this law can be punished with fines or jail for up to 3 months. Punishment for peeing is for the police to decide.

“The police informs that in such cases, the likely reaction is a fine starting at 3,000 kroner (€290).”

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