Tony Hawk Selling Skateboards Painting with his Blood

Liquid Death, the water company which claims to “murder your thirst,” has teamed up with Tony Hawk to create a limited-edition run of 100 skateboard decks — infused with the skating legend’s blood. Each board boasts a vial’s worth of Hawk’s DNA, mixed in with the paint for the decks.

“I am deeply thankful to have a connection with my fans, and I appreciate how Liquid Death connects with theirs,” said Hawk in a press release. “This collaboration is taking those connections to a new level, as I have literally put my blood (and soul?) into these decks.” Liquid Death actually owns Hawk’s soul, according to the brand: The skater previously signed a legally binding contract selling his vitality to Liquid Death, and consumers can too if they want exclusive access to merch and private events. Contracts are binding for all eternity, the brand says.

Owning a piece of the skate legend won’t be cheap, though. Only 100 skateboards will be sold, with each retailing for $500. A portion of the profits will benefit anti-plastic nonprofit 5 Gyres — keeping in line with Liquid Death’s goal to reduce plastic waste — and Hawk’s organization The Skateboard Project, which helps fund public skateparks.

Liquid Death x Tony Hawk blood-infused skateboard

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