New Music – Colorado by Milky Chance

Milky Chance have released a hypnotising new single titled ‘Colorado’, alongside a suitably trippy film clip.

Adding a tasteful hint of electropop to the German duo’s formula of summery, groove-oriented indie-rock, ‘Colorado’ is a bonafide stoner’s anthem, with singer Clemens Rehbein declaring over a jangly lead guitar line: “I get high like Colorado”.

As a press release notes, ‘Colorado’ was written and recorded “in a flash of inspiration”. It marks the first release to come from Milky Chance’s newly minted Muggelig Records imprint, and takes the duo back to a wholly independent creative process, for which they set no industry-centric expectations.

“It honestly felt like the early days all over again,” Rehbein said. “Without any schedules or deadlines, we were back to making music just for ourselves, free to experiment and take risks and have fun with it.”

Colorado by Milky Chance on Amazon Music -

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