Electrician Cuts off Testicles of two Men with their Consent.

A man who cut off the testicles of two men in a “backyard surgery” designed to make them eunuchs has been released from custody.

On Friday, Brisbane’s District Court (Australia) heard how Ryan Andrew King, 28, cut off the testicles of two men, one in Loganholme in September 2019 and the other in Brisbane in July 2020, after they had contacted him via a website designed for genital mutilation.

Prosecutor Edward Coker said King, who was charged with grievous bodily harm, was contacted first by a 65-year-old Victorian man on the website and they arranged to remove one of his testicles and penis, which was done in Victoria.

The man again contacted King later in the year and asked to remove his remaining testicle, which occurred in Queensland.

Mr Coker said King was also contacted via the website by a 26-year-old Chinese national, who had come to Australia on a working visa and wanted to be a eunuch.

A price range of between $500 and $1000 was discussed by King and the Chinese man, but they instead agreed for King to film the surgery and upload it to the website.

The court heard King had told the man he had performed the surgery up to 10 times previously.

The surgeries were agreed to be performed to “beyond the point” of being repaired, and the victims would later go to hospital after continual bleeding.

“Any type of backyard surgery that’s going to be invasive, resulting in the removal of a body part, carries with it such an obvious and significant risk of complications and indeed death and that is conduct that needs to be deterred,” Mr Coker said.

Mr Coker said police later found a testicle that King had kept in his home after the first operation.

Qld tradie to walk free after cutting off men's testicles | PerthNow

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