Rancher Pinned by ATV Survives for Days on Beer and Water

A Wyoming rancher who was pinned by an all-terrain vehicle survived on beer and bottled water for two days.

Fifty-three-year-old Frank Reynolds is expected to recover from the ordeal. He told reporters that he was trying to round up a cow and calf on a neighbor’s pasture outside Gillette when the vehicle tipped over on him Sunday.

Worried family members eventually learned Reynolds had gone to the property, where he was laying with a dislocated shoulder and broken ribs.

Authorities say Reynolds had a cooler and was able to ration a couple of bottles of water and Keystone Light beers until a neighbor found him Tuesday.

Frank Reynolds was rounding up livestock when his ATV flipped on July 4, 2021. Reynolds said he survived the ordeal by drinking beer and water.

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