Phil Mickelson Makes History, Winning the PGA

In a career full of memorable moments, Phil Mickelson’s now signature one fittingly came with a wedge in his hand. Mickelson stood on the 18th green hoisting the Wanamaker Trophy, the oldest to ever do so … the oldest to ever win a major championship in the nearly 150-year history of major competition.

It’s Mickelson sixth major victory: 3 Masters, 2 PGAs and The Open.

“This is just an incredible feeling, because I just believed that it was possible but yet everything was saying that it wasn’t,” Mickelson said. “I hope that others find that inspiration. It might take a little extra work a little harder effort to maintain physically or maintain the skills, but gosh is it worth it in the end.”

Phil Mickelson, at 50, Wins P.G.A. Championship - The New York Times

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