Peppermint Eggnog, Make it this Holiday Season!

Eggnog is such a classic holiday beverage. This peppermint eggnog not only tastes amazing, but it’s boozy, too. That’s right — peppermint vodka is a very important component of this milkshake. Along with vanilla ice cream, a little bit of cinnamon, and the eggnog, this milkshake is simple and easy to make, but will deliver amazing flavor all season long.

You may want to add more/less ice cream, depending on how thick you prefer your milkshake to be.


  1. For the Milkshake:
    2 cups of vanilla ice cream (about 4-5 scoops)
    3/4 cups eggnog
    4 ounces (2 shots) of peppermint vodka
    2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  2. For the Garnish (optional):
    Whipped cream
    Peppermint candy
    Cinnamon stick


  1. In a blender, add your vanilla ice cream, eggnog, vodka, and cinnamon. Blend until your mixture is completely combined.
  2. Pour your milkshake into a glass, and optionally top with whipped cream, peppermint candy, and a cinnamon stick. Enjoy!

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