Foster’s, ‘Australian for Beer,’ can’t be found in Australia, but will be soon

Believe it or not, finding Foster’s beer in Australia – what international drinkers think of as the country’s beer of choice – isn’t easy. In its proverbial homeland, the Southern Cross-spangled cans elude shop shelves and, in 2015, just 10 venues across the entire country poured it on tap. But the brand that promoted Australia’s laidback drinking culture to the world has decided to relaunch locally, upping production in Melbourne by 300% in the coming months.

The brewer Carlton and United Breweries, now owned by Japanese behemoth Asahi, will target hip-pocket nerves, going after low-cost competitors. Today, the 132-year-old pale lager, which Asahi acquired from Anheuser-Busch InBev earlier this year, is distributed across Europe, the US and the UK, where it’s the nation’s second most-popular brew. Despite being brewed in Manchester, UK ads still feature Australian accents, sand and sun, with slogans like “beaut coldies” and “here’s to a bonza weekend”.

Ralphs - Foster's Premium Lager Beer, 25 fl oz

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