Teen Crashed his Dads $3.4m Roadster and says “S**t Happens”

The teenage YouTuber son of a Texas private equity billionaire crashed and totaled his dad’s one-off $3.4 million Pagani Huayra Roadster before taking to Instagram to say ‘sh*t happens’. 

Gage Gillean, 17, crashed the multi-million dollar purple hypercar in Dallas on Tuesday evening. 

His father, Tim Gillean, is the founder of Dallas-based private equity firm Cross Equities and he owns an entire fleet of high-end vehicles.

The teenager, who has 84,000 subscribers on his GG Exotics YouTube page, suffered minor injuries in the crash. Gage posted footage on his YouTube channel on Wednesday detailing the crash before subsequently switching it to private. He later posted a picture on his Instagram showing his left arm in a sling. In the Instagram post Gage wrote, “S**t Happens. Thank God for a second chance at life. Crash could have left us with worse injuries and even death”.

The teenager, who has 84,000 subscribers on his GG Exotics YouTube page, is pictured above with the now-totaled multi-million dollar purple hypercar
YouTuber Gage Gillean, 17, crashed his father's $3.4million Pagani Huayra Roadster in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday evening

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