Whale Tails Sculpture Saves Train from Plunge after derailment

Early yesterday, a Dutch train and its operator narrowly avoided an accident after ploughing through the barrier at the end of the metro’s elevated rails. Luckily, instead of plunging 33 feet and crashing into the ground below, the car landed precariously on an enormous sculpture of whale tails that flanks the end of the tracks.

The train operator, who was the only person on board at the time of the crash, was able to free himself from the wreckage and sustained no injuries. As first reported by Dutch news agency Media TV, the accident occurred at the De Akkers station in Spijkenisse, a suburb of Rotterdam, around 12:30 a.m. local time. No other people were harmed in the incident.

A red and silver metro train rests precariously, hanging off of the train tracks, with the first car resting on one of two enormous sculptures of whale tails. Below, six construction workers asses the damage.

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