Greedy Apple, $799 iPhone 12 will not include EarPods or Charger

pple unveiled the new iPhone 12 during a live event Tuesday that is designed with 5G capabilities and a new camera, but it leaves out the charger and EarPods – and customers are disgusted by the news. The tech giant claims the move is reduce the smartphone’s overall impact on the environment.

However, not only are users paying $799 for the handset, a $200 increase from the iPhone 11, but now they have to also spend nearly $90 to purchase the once free devices.

Apple customers were outraged following the event, more so that the firm says the move is to reduce emissions – many users believe it is a ploy to save money.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max: bigger screens, 5G, and a brand-new look -  The Verge

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