Is this Woman Crazy, High or Possessed? (Warning Graphic)

n a now-viral video, an unidentified white woman is seen throwing a puppy at a Black man after they had a verbal altercation. The clip exploded on social media, sparking outrage at the woman and heartfelt praise for the man, who eventually kept the puppy.

Twitter user Glogloglo, also known as Glo Mula uploaded the video in which he says he was confronted by a seemingly disturbed white woman. The two were alone outside of an empty intersection and it is unclear how and why the confrontation began.

Glogloglo recorded himself going back and forth with the woman whose comments were hard to make out during much of the video, although some racial comments could be heard.

In the clip, Glogloglo eventually asked if the dog belonged to the woman who was roughly handling the puppy. She proceeded to throw the puppy a him in response.

Woman throws puppy at stranger in disturbing video encounter - Dexerto
White woman threw her puppy at Black man in viral video

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