Man Claims Broken Tooth from Chicken Nugget, Sues McDonald’s

After claiming to have broken his tooth on a surprise bone nestled within a Chicken McNugget, a man in Palm Beach, Fla., is suing McDonald’s.

Alexei Stolfat and his wife had ordered the fateful food via Uber Eats back in May when he unsuspectingly consumed a bone a little under an inch long. Stolfat then suffered from “unbearable jaw pain” along with a toothache and headache for days afterward. He took pictures of the crispy criminal, along with the bone that had caused him so much discomfort, sharing them as evidence.

Stolfat then went to the dentist where he was told his tooth had been cracked in two places. A tooth extraction, root canal and dental implant surgery were then needed to fix the issue. Stolfat is currently seeking over $1.1 million in damages, as well as a recall of all Chicken McNuggets.

See the source image

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