Zoo Keeper Mauled by Gorilla

A zoo keeper was seriously injured at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium in Spain after being attacked by a 450lb gorilla named Malabo this morning. The 46-year-old woman suffered a head injury, chest trauma with multiple fractures and and two broken arms. She was rushed to the Madrid Clinical Hospital in a serious condition. The gorilla broke through three doors to attack the keeper that had raised Malabo from birth.

A statement issued by the zoo said: “The events took place this morning, around 10am when a keeper with 19 years of experience at the zoo accessed the indoor facilities for the usual breakfast routine, cleaning and preparing the facilities.

“Upon entering a secure area with a triple door, the caretaker met Malabo, a 29-year-old male gorilla, who had accessed it.”

How the animal was able to break through the three doors is being investigated. The statement said the area where the keeper was attacked had no access to the public. The zoo said the emergency protocol was quickly activated, notifying an emergency team and cops.

See the source image

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