Offensive License Tag? LGOPRNR

A lawyer has refused to remove an ‘offensive’ number plate from his yellow Lamborghini. Outraged onlookers have claimed that Sydney lawyer’s Peter Lavac’s registration plate, “LGOPRNR” cheekily reads “leg opener.”

Transport New South Wales called for his ‘offensive’ plates to be removed – however, the barrister responded: “Tough s***.” They gave Mr Lavac 18 days to change his number plate, writing in a letter: “Transport for NSW determined that these number plates could be considered offensive and must be returned.” The law-savvy barrister fought for his right to keep the number plate and challenged the letter in his local court on September 1. He argued that it was an issue of free speech. Mr Lavac said: “I resent anyone who’s trying to violate my freedom of speech and expression. “They (the number plates) are meant to be humorous, tongue-in-cheek, funny and entertaining. But how could you possibly construe recreational sex between two consenting adults as ever being offensive or demeaning in any way, shape or form?”

Transport NSW ended up backing down from the case, which Mr Lavac believed was because they used an outdated section of the law.

Peter Lavac in his yellow Lamborghini
The offending licence plate on the back of Peter Lavac's car

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