Jasper, the Eyeless Cat

This adorably spooky hairless cat is named Jasper (jazzy.purrs on Instagram) and the internet seems to be absolutely in love with him. Currently, this internet-famous cat has over 57,000 fans on Instagram and we’re not surprised about it at all.

As you’ve probably already noticed, Jasper doesn’t have both of his eyes. And there’s a pretty heartbreaking story behind it. Apparently, the kittie was adopted at 2 years old and at the time he was seemingly healthy. Then, in November 2013, Jasper got a corneal ulcer in his right eye, and the only option to save him was to get it removed. After a few years, he ended up with a corneal ulcer in his remaining eye, which also got removed. All in all, the cat has definitely been through a lot, but he turned out to be a super happy kitty who’s currently 12 years old.


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