The ‘Naked Rancher’ is an Instagram Hit

A self-described naked rancher has won hundreds of Instagram fans with snaps of him exploring the great outdoors without any clothes on. 

Dick Powers, 36, from Montana, spends his days herding cattle, chopping wood and fishing on his family’s 1,800-acre plot. He explained being naked ‘frees his spirits’ and hopes to one day expand his ranching business by offering tours to fellow naturists. ‘I love being naked and I love being a naturist. Anything which involves a blade I avoid for safety reasons’. 

Soon gathering over 1,000 Instagram followers, while his pictures raise a laugh, Dick says ranching is tough work. ‘I’ll usually wake up about 6am and have a coffee before going to the barn and seeing what work needs to be done,’ he said.

To keep up with Dick’s latest Instagram posts, follow him on @thenakedrancher

He worked on the oil rig for three years to pay off his student debt and save some money before going back to the University of Montana to study renewable energy development
His nakedness soon escalated after he spotted he was getting obscure tan lines from being in the sun all day and decided to bare all. Pictured wearing chaps while chainsawing
The 36 year old has been helping to run his parent's ranch in Montana, USA,since 2017,  where his desire to ditch formal wear for his birthday suit was first discovered

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