‘Rockstar’ updates Hint of a new Game?

Fans have become convinced that Rockstar is on the cusp of announcing something new but is it just another GTA Online update or a new game? When it comes to inscrutability, Rockstar Games manage to make Nintendo look like an open book. There’s usually no clue as to what they’re planning or any way to guess when they’re going to announce something new… except maybe this time. Fan Yan2295 noticed that Rockstar has upload some unusual-looking artwork to its website, that doesn’t seem to match with any current game. The art of a sexy female robot is reminiscent of the work of Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, who was very big in the 80s.

That immediately had some fans imagining something to do with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, either a remake or sequel, but then it was noticed that the champagne label is 1998, suggesting that the setting is the 90s or early 2000s. Although 1998 is the year Rockstar Games was founded, so that’s an obvious reference. Of course, the one announcement everyone is hoping for from Rockstar (even though they’ve never given so much as a hint about it) is Grand Theft Auto 6, but if this image is meant to tease it the connection is not obvious. The best guess is that it’s either just generic artwork meant to promote Rockstar in general or that it’s something to do with a new GTA Online update, which have often had very unexpected themes. Or maybe it’s that sci-fi game that people have always been saying that Rockstar should make.

Mysterious Rockstar Games artwork


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