Photographer takes Incredible Photos of Great White Sharks

Euan Rannachan, 34, a daring London-born photographer who now lives in California, spent much of 2019 getting intimate with massive beasts off the coast of Guadalupe Island, the westernmost point of Mexico.

Although he has spent many hours in the water with the phenomenal fish, Rannachan still has his breath taken away each time he gets in the water with his toothy subjects. He said: “There is nothing else in the world like it. “You can’t hangout this close to any other apex predator in the world and the fact we can with these massive sharks is a real testament to just how little of a threat to us they really are. The longer you are around them the more of a connection you feel. You want to watch their eyes as they move past you – you just know there’s a lot going on in their heads as they do. I absolutely believe these creatures will connect with you if you take the time and are in long enough. They’re very curious. While the strikes on the bait are very fast and violent, the majority of the time they are gliding gracefully past and as they study us we study them.”

 A great white approaches the plucky snapper with its jaws gaping open

 Euan Rannachan, takes a dip on the wild side

 The beasts seemed as interested at the photographer as he seemed at them

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