Know your Avocados and what to use them for!

There are hundreds of different avocado hybrids across the world. I have concentrated on the most popular and tastiest.

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Hass Avocado – All Hass avos can be traced back to California, where they were first grown by a certain mail delivery man, Rudolph Hass, who dabbled in horticulture on the side. All the Hass family avos offer a creamy, nutty flavour profile, adding to their popularity. The best thing to do with these avo’s – Make guacamole – They’re easy to scoop, less watery and contain heaps of flavor.

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Fuerte Avocado – the Fuerte avocado most likely originated in the town of Puebla, Spain, although another Mexican-Guatemalan cross-seedling of Fuerte can be traced back to Israel. Fuerte avos got their name from the Spanish word for ‘strong’ due to their resilience against severe frost. These avos have a creamy flesh with a milder flavor. Some describe these avos as oily.  Best way to use these avos – smoothies, they add a smooth element without affecting taste, thanks to their neutral flavor. Fanning: The easy-to-peel thin skin is ideal for those thin spread-out slices that make a garnished dish or pizzas look professional.

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Pinkerton Avocado – Pinkerton avocados get their name from the Saticoy ranch in Ventura County, California where they were first cultivated as a cross between Hass and Rincon avos by J. Pinkerton in the 1960s. These gems are smooth, creamy and with a slightly sweeter avo flesh. Notably, also, are their small pips, so this one yields lots of avo flesh to eat inside. Use these avos for salads: It makes for a good substitute for feta.





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