The new ‘Naked Bikini’

The “naked” bikini phenomenon is clogging up our Instagram feeds, a new daring style is set to knock this trend off its pedestal. That’s right, you can now buy a swimsuit so racy that you basically look like you’re not wearing anything at all… and it hurts just looking at it.

Australian model Tammy Hembrow has partnered up with daring swimwear brand Minimale Animale to create a collection of pieces which can only be described as “for poolside posing only”. Ahead of the launch next week, the Instagram star shared photos of her modelling the risque one-piece with her 10 million followers.

.She wrote: “FOR THE SUN LOVERS. The Minimal Animale splendor suit in my new color ‘Euphoria’ is dropping next week.” And from the front, Tammy’s style looks like any old bikini set with high-cut bottoms. But from the back, let’s just say it’s a mess of adjustable straps which have resulted in the most extreme and uncomfortable-looking wedgie we’ve ever come across.

 Tammy's followers were left wondering 'where the swimsuit was'

 The Splendour swimsuit is £72 and is available in five colours


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